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First Time Home Buyers

Samantha in Salem, MA

Samantha in Salem, MA

First Time Home Buyer?  Get Your Own Real Estate Agent!

As a first time home buyer, the process can be scary.  That’s where the services of a professional, full-time real estate agent are so valuable.  A lot of prospective home buyers are not aware that they can have their own agent who is working just for them.

When a home comes on the market, it is being represented by a “listing agent” who is the real estate agent who represents the seller.  Their job is to bring the seller the best qualified buyer who will pay the highest price for the home that the market will allow.   This means that the home buyer needs someone on his/her side to represent them.  Your agent’s job is to make sure you pay the lowest price possible in the negotiating.  They work for you, not the home seller.

With today’s virtual real estate market place, finding a home is the easy part.  Just go on the internet and you are bombarded with homes for sale.  The buyer doesn’t know where to start.  That’s where your agent comes in.

They represent only you, and owe you a fiduciary responsibility to help you buy the right home at the lowest possible price.  They also owe you loyalty to your wishes, confidentiality, and full disclosure on whatever is known about the property.  They will guide you through the tedious but necessary process of paperwork and deadlines, becoming the “logistical manager” communicating between the listing agent, the attorneys, and your lender.  And they do all the negotiating for you!  How much do they charge the buyer for these services? Nothing as long as the property is listed on MLS, the listing agent has agreed to pay their fee for bringing them a buyer.

If you are a first time home buyer on the North Shore of Massachusetts or Cape Ann, please call me.  I love to help.