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Massachusetts Buyer Agency

Purchasing a new home, whether it is for the first time or if you are upgrading, downsizing, or right sizing, can be a very exciting time.  A real estate transaction is filled with many complexities and a buyer and a seller that can be very emotionally charged.  The good part is you do not need to go it alone.  A competent buyer’s agent can be worth his or her weight in gold.  Many buyers believe an agent just finds them a home.  Finding the homes is the easy part.  Anybody can do that today with the Internet.  As Your full-service buyer agent, this is what I do for you: 

  •  Discuss and assess your individual needs
  • Bring an objective view to the process
  • Help arrange a network of professionals (attorneys, home inspectors, mortgage professionals)
  • Educate you about current market conditions and trends and help you analyze the data
  • Help you find the right home at the right price for you
  • Determine if your target home truly suits your needs
  • Analyze market value of the home
  • Guide you through the entire process monitoring all deadlines
  • Help you prepare an offer
  • Negotiate the offer in a timely manner
  • Help coordinate the closing between all the involved parties
  • Will make sure you are comfortably settled in your new home

 How much does this cost the buyer?

 It’s FREE!!*  Most sellers have already agreed to pay a fee to a buyer’s agent in their agreement to list their property.

This is a legal relationship in which I owe you the following:

    *Full Disclosure, Confidentiality, Loyalty, Obedience to Your Wishes, Accountability, and Reliability*