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    Monthly Social

    North Shore T.E.C.H.

    Grab a drink and hang out with your fellow hackers, programmers, entrepreneurs and tech geeks. Share what's going on with your own projects or learn about what others are up to. Find partners or just good friends here on the North Shore! :-) This...

    Life Group

    Social, Fun, Dining, and More with NSBC Friends!

    LIFE GROUP is a Small group midweek discussion on a Bible passage - Casual small group setting - anyone can attend. We sit in a circle and study / discuss a section of the Bible. We also start out with a short prayer time if anyone has anything...

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    Spring has finally arrived and the real estate market on the North Shore of Massachusetts is blooming!Ā  Our communities are located near or directly on the Atlantic Ocean Coastline 20 to 30 miles north of Boston. As your premier North Shore real estate agent, I love to help sellers and buyers with all their real […]

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